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Personalized Service

You get your very own personalized Spending Plan which is easily modified when or if things change as no doubt they will almost certainly do. Meetings will invariably be via Skype or Zoom or some digital software, which means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch or dining room table, you just need an internet connection and access to a computer. if you happen to be close by then a face to face meeting can be arranged.

Control Your Own Finances/Destiny???

We work with you but YOU are in total control of the whole process, and onevery important thing c ompared to ALL our competitors we never gain control of your bank accounts; WE do not need to download any of YOUR bank statements; YOUR data is encrypted with the most current encryption software’ NO ONE
has access to YOUR information. It’s just YOU & ME.


I have been working in the financial sector for just under 4 decades having worked in Credit Unions; Building Societies; Accounting firms both big and small; Mortgage broking and Financial Planning and have my own Professional Indemnity insurance to protect YOU.


Privacy is of paramount importance and we abide by all national legislation We really don’t even need to know how much you earn, however if the need arises then this may be requested but entirely up to you.


We are fully qualified Spending Planners from the Spending Planners Institute (SPI) and our aim is to help a million families not just here but also in the UK & NZ, our aim is to help families become more aware of their financial environment and their day to day Spending Plans and family finances.

24/7 Access

When you start your journey with our team – you can feel at ease knowing you will have 24/7 access to your personalized Spending Planner software dashboard.

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