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  1. As your Spending Planner, I will act in the role of a Coach. I will lead you through the program and will monitor your progress. I will be totally committed to helping you create a Spending Plan that works for you and I will then help you adhere to that plan and make any alterations that may be required to ‘fine tune’ it to suit your needs as closely as possible.
  2. Once you have enrolled and accepted these expectations by reply e-mail, you can be sure of my absolute commitment to your Success with Money and I will be looking for a similar commitment on your part so we complete what we start.
  3. If you have any questions at all along the way you MUST ask me! The biggest block to making changes in your life is having an unanswered question or something you do not understand that is stopping you from moving forward. Send an e-mail and let me know if you need help.
  4. When you email me a question I will endeavour to answer within 24 hours but if this is not possible for some reason I will answer within 2 business days at the latest. I may also refer you to other sources of information such as books or websites in order to help you and to answer your questions.
  5. The program runs for as long as you feel is necessary but has a minimum commitment of 7 months. For the guarantee to be enacted the term is 12 months and all directions must be completed.
  6. In the first stage of the program there will be some administration and set-up for you to do. You will receive personal responses to your progress. There are a number of scheduled phone calls or meetings to clarify where you are up to and what comes next.
  7. In the second stage, you will receive a weekly e-mail from me requesting that you report your Spending Plan’s account balances to me. You can choose a particular day of the week that suits you to respond to these e-mails, but you MUST reply each week.
  8. Your time commitment will vary each week. Once the first stage is over you will find the time commitment reduces significantly and becomes quite regular.
    Some of the tasks in the first phase will require a concentrated effort where you really need to focus. Some of the tasks are very simple and will take just a few minutes. Others may require up to an hour of work. None of the tasks are too onerous. Some you may have been avoiding for longer than you care to admit. I will help you get them done!
  9. If your finances are in total disarray, please understand that you arrived at this point after a number of years of practicing the wrong habits. You will need to be prepared to put in an appropriate effort to get yourself out of that mess.

If you are ready to start the program, please send a reply email with "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions” in the subject heading.

Your first TASK will arrive within 24 hours from when I recieve your acceptance of the above conditions – make sure you check your emails regularly.

Warm regards
Ian Pedley
Your Spending Planner