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About ianpedley.com.au

Helping Australians take control of their finances for good.

How I Help

Money… it’s on everybody’s mind. If you’re not sure where it goes every month, you’re going to end up struggling to stay out of debt. And this is the case no matter how much you earn.

Yes, you can create a budget… but it only works if you stick to it right down to the dollar. And with bills coming out left, right and centre, it can be impossible to keep track of the expenses that are around the corner. 

I know how hard it is because I struggled with managing money myself for many years. As an accounting, tax and lending professional, I have also seen countless clients who have no idea what their real cost of living is. 

This is why I created ianpedley.com.au. This unique service allows you to get a clear and accurate picture of what you spend and how much money you need each month, based on real data. You can use this to get on top of your spending, pay your bills on time and start planning for a more secure financial future. 

The program I provide makes money management simple. You’ll also get the benefit of personal service and support to get your finances under control. Book a call with me to get started today.

Why Choose Ian Pedley

I’m committed to helping Australians to take control of their finances.

Find clarity

See exactly what you’re spending each month at a glance.

Get ahead financially

Escape the merry-go-round of late payments and unexpected bills.

Plan for the future

Once you have control, you can achieve your savings goals.

Personal service

I’ll work with you one-on-one to help you master your money for the long term.

Professional support

I’m experienced as a mortgage broker, tax planner and accountant.

Stop wasting money

Aussies lose over $73,000 in their lifetimes due to bad financial decisions. Let’s change that, starting today.

Like A Personal Coach For Your Finances


Right now, the vast majority of Australians have no idea how much money they spend each month. 

The vision of ianpedley.com.au is to create a future where people have total clarity and control around their finances, without having to spend hours fiddling around with spreadsheets. 

As a result, they will be more financially secure, more prepared for the future and able to achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be.

Money Management Program
Ian Pedley

About Ian

As a former accountant, tax specialist and mortgage broker, I bring over three decades of financial knowledge to the table. I also have a wealth of personal learning experiences which help me to show my clients exactly what they should be doing when it comes to managing their finances. 

The money management solution I have developed can rapidly help you take control of your finances. It’s a unique program and can help you feel more confident about your money and reach your goals, whatever they may be. 

Book a call with me to discover how to get financial clarity for good, then choose your level of support and start feeling better about money from today.